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Little girl swimming in a renovated pool

Give a new life to your pool

Whatever the current state of your pool, a Newpool Express specialist will travel to find with you the best way to give it a new life. Whether your pool is experiencing leaks or simply getting old, Newpool Express will accompany you throughout all your swimming pool renovations process.

Renovation of all types of materials

Newpool Express renovates pools of almost all types of materials:


A balance between sealing and aesthetics

Our renovation technique combines aesthetics and durability: find the color that matches your taste and enjoy your “new” pool, with complete peace of mind. Choosing reinforced PVC, it’s choosing the insurance of a permanent seal (15-20 years). All your leaks and maintenance problems will disappear.

Mauresque style Fountain in a Riad

Bespoke aesthetics

With our renovation process, you can give a new sparkle to your pool while permanently protecting it against leaks. For your pool to get your dream aesthetics, choose from our range of colors.