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150/100th reinforced PVC is used to ensure a high resistance sealing. Whatever the configuration, size or shape of your pool or your field, the 150/100th reinforced PVC will fit your pool.

For the renovation of complex pools or in case of intense use, Newpool Express provides you in the South of France with a flexible 150/100th reinforced PVC membrane that enhance the sealing of the equipment. This 150/100th reinforced PVC membrane is particularly recommended for its durability. PVC membranes are mostly made by calendering. Calendering is a heavy industrial process which requires very important investments and technology. Dimensional stability and anti-UV treatment (resistance up to 32°C) will ensure a long life to your pool.

« 150/100th reinforced PVC » coating

The 150/100th reinforced PVC takes the form of rolls stretched on the spot and adjusted directly in the pool. The sheet is twice as thick as the liner, with a glass-fiber mat sandwiched between. This way the coating is stretched in the bottom and onto the walls, fixed with special rivets on the levelling (see below), without using aluminum profiles. The whole is cold or heat-welded (with a hot air gun) and finished with liquid PVC.

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