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Rénovation d'une piscine en pvc armé couleur gris bleu

The reliable choice of the reinforced PVC membrane

The 150/100th reinforced PVC is used to ensure a high resistance seal! Whatever the pool size or shape or the configuration of the ground, the 150/100th reinforced PVC will adapt to your needs.
For renovations of complex shaped pools or those subject to intensive use, NewPool Express offers the installation of a flexible reinforced 150 /100th PVC membrane which reinforces the water-tightness of the installation. This reinforced 150 /100th PVC membrane is highly recommended for its long-term durability. The PVC membranes are produced using a textile production technique known as Calandering. This is a complex industrial technique, which requires substantial technological and financial investment. The resultant dimensional stability and anti-UV treatment (resistant up to 32 °C), ensures your pool a long life.

“150/100th reinforced PVC” coating

The 150/100th reinforced PVC is delivered in the form of rolls that are stretched on site and then trimmed within the pool itself. The sheet is twice as thick as the liner with a fibreglass weave sandwiched between. The coating is thus stretched in the bottom and on the sides of the pool and then fixed by special rivets on the leveling course (see below), which saves on fixing to aluminium profiles. The assembly is then welded, either cold or thermo welded (by hot air gun), and the finish ensured using liquid PVC.