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Polyester pool renovation

Polyester shell pools also age and even with the best quality polyester, frost, inclement weather and water treatments all end up attacking your pool and tarnish its appearance. 
After several years, a renovation could be needed to re-establish the look of your pool to how it was when built and enjoy swimming again.
Polyester shell pools are often the most difficult to restore. Thanks to our long experience in this type of renovation, we have developed a genuine expertise in this area.

Polyester pools

Polyester shell pools present numerous advantages since polyester is a strong and durable material. In addition, the polyester shell is coated with a gel coat which seals the pool, ensuring a consistent colour and providing it with a brilliant shiny finish.

Possible necessary repairs on your pool

Several cases may occur:

  • The gelcoat loses its colour or its brilliance. This is a natural occurrence due to the combined effects of chlorine and the UV rays from the sun, or even an imbalance in the pH levels of the water.
  • Blisters have appeared on the walls and on the bottom of your pool. We say that the pool is suffering from osmosis. This means that the gelcoat which formed a protective varnish has deteriorated over time, either due to a manufacturing defect, or simply because the gelcoat as a semi-permeable product has allowed a little water to infiltrate between it and the shell and blisters have formed.
  • The pool shell may have dislodged very slightly and tiny cracks have occurred, causing micro-leaks and the water level falls progressively.

Reinforced PVC

The installation of a reinforced PVC coating will give a new lease of life to your pool. This product is suitable for all forms of polyester shell pools, including those incorporating stairs or free-form layouts.
The extensive range of reinforced PVC will allow you the opportunity to customise the look of your pool, and permit you to adapt it to current trends.

Renovation process

Our approach, in the first instance, consists fixing an appointment, conducting an exhaustive diagnostic appraisal and then together forming an assessment the actions necessary to rejuvenate your swimming pool.
Secondly, and in relation to your budget, we target the most urgent works to be carried out.
Finally, we will schedule a program of work.

And, once all is complete, you will rediscover the desire to enjoy your pool.

Free on-site diagnostic appraisal