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Concrete pool renovations

Like everything else, your concrete pool is subject to the effects of aging and can’t escape the wear and tear inflicted by time. You’re perhaps getting tired of it and crave something new.

Give your pool a new lease of life

No-matter the current condition of your pool, whether it be tiled or painted, we are available to advise and guide you through your complete pool renovation. 
Beforehand, we will carry out a full, free diagnostic appraisal relative to the current condition of your swimming pool. We will organise an initial meeting with you to evaluate your pool. Together, we will establish your needs, finalise your expectations, and adapt these to your budget.
The second stage consists of developing a works program in order that might enjoy your renovated pool in the shortest time possible.

Examples of improvements to your pool

When renovating a concrete swimming pool, this is the ideal opportunity to make various changes to the spatial environment, to improve and modernise. Together we can establish the style and spirit you wish to give your new pool. For example, we can:

  • reduce the depth of your pool: thus making it more convivial. With a level bottom, at a constant depth of say; 140 cm (4’ 6″ approx.), you will be able to walk the full length of your pool, whilst comfortably keeping your head above water, or simply tan yourself whilst lounging in the middle of the pool on a inflatable mattress
  • Install a wooden terrace
  • Improve the pool surround
  • Install a staircase. This wasn’t planned when you built the pool and you only have a simple ladder. A staircase would facilitate far easier access to the pool.
  • Combine a staircase with a shallow submerged beach area and create a paddling area for younger children.
  • Install a bench in order that you can sip a drink in peace and dangle you feet in the water.

Repairing the coating to your pool

Whatever changes you might decide to make, the choice of a new coating will be at the heart of the project. Our reinforced PVC renovation process guarantees a solution to any problems relating to water-tightness and deterioration of the pool. Its flexibility and simplicity of installation allows it to be applied to any pool transformation, including those with awkward or sharp angles.

A reinforced PVC coating will extend the lifespan of your pool. It’s pleasant to the touch and soft underfoot. The wide range of available colours will allow you free reign towards your dream of a providing new colour within your pool.

You might take inspiration from our previous pool renovations. These photos illustrate the radical transformation that could await your own pool area.

You will experience a brand new pool and rediscover the pleasure of bathing.