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Our approach

In order to conduct your pool renovation project successfully, Newpool Express is here to understand your problem and to propose solutions. We offer a simple and transparent process allowing you to enjoy your refurbished pool.

To give a new life to your pool, you only need to follow those 5 steps:

  1. Contact Newpool Express to arrange an appointment
  2. A specialist will come to your home to elaborate a personalized project for the renovation of your pool. You will go through every solutions to prevent leaks but also through every arrangements you might want as the color of your pool, stairs, overflow or larger bathing spaces…
  3. Our specialist provides a free quotation for every work to be done
  4. Once you accept our estimates, our technicians will come to your home to carry out work on the dates of your convenience. They will take care of everything: parts change, skimmers, main drains, back flow, depth modification, length and width. Your pool is then filled, cleaned and checked.
  5. Now all you need to do is dive!